About Bignodes

Big Nodes For Big Things


Bignodes is a Global Web Hosting Company Which Is Specialized in Enterprise Dedicated Server’s. Bignodes Never Compromise in Quality Of The Service In Turn We Reduce Our Operating Costs By Implementing Six Sigma Methodology. Bignodes Strive For Implementing advanced technologies to stay apart from conventinal hosting.


Our Timeline


A New Web Hosting Company Arrives As “Ihostex”

2013 January

Ihostex Reaches 100 Sign up’s

2013 Septimber

Ihostex Introduces Dedicated Server’s From Its Phoenix Datacenter

2013 december

Ihostex  Expands  To Dallas Datacenter

2014 March

Ihostex Upgrades its connectivity to 20 Gbps For every single Node

2014 october

Ihostex Expands To New York and Miami Datacenters


Ihostex is Rebranded As “BigNodes”
Our Story Continues With You Help